Valiant services



This is the core of Valiant’s service offering. We provide scalable, fit-for-purpose services for the energy sector’s Offshore and Onshore Drilling markets. This includes project delivery, engineering, commissioning, field services, operations and staffing services.  Our expertise and knowledge is supported by subject matter experts and proprietary equipment across the energy service lifecycle.

Valiant Offshore MARINE SERVICES


In conjunction with our partners, SEACOR Marine, we are able to provide our customers with the most comprehensive assembly of offshore vessel services in the global offshore oil and gas industry. This includes transport of personnel, platform supply, offshore accommodation, intervention, maintenance and repair support, standby safety services, anchor handling and mooring services, wind farm support, lift boat services, offshore construction support, well enhancement support and lightering services.

We are therefore able to offer a diverse fleet capability to include:

•  Anchor handling towing supply (“AHTA”) vessels are used for towing, positioning, and mooring of drilling rigs and other marine equipment in shallow and deepwater environments;
•  Crew boats transport cargo and personnel to and from offshore drilling rigs, platforms and other installations;
•  Fast support vessels (“FSVs”) are used fro deepwater drilling and production support;
•  Platform supply vessels (“PSVs”) transport deck cargo, liquid mud, methanol, diesel fuel and water;
•  Standby safety vessels respond to emergencies on offshore rigs and production facilities;
•  Speciality vessels are adapted to provide specific construction, production or accommodation support;
•  Wind farm utility vessels are specially engineered to transport personnel and supplies to offshore wind farm installations;
•  Lift boats provide a stable platform to carry out well intervention, work-over, decommissioning and diving operations.
Valiant Well Services


The Well Services segment provides casing and tubular running services (both automated and conventional) as well as drilling tool and tubular rental services for exploration wells and for production purposes. We have more than 30 years of experience in the global well services market, and one of the leaders in remote operated equipment for casing and tubular running services. In the drilling tool rental business, we benefit from a well-developed supplier base, and offer a large inventory of modern and high quality drilling tools ans equipment, which have been manufactured and certified in accordance with applicable industry standards. We aim to be a single supply source for drillers and operators and with the capacity to design custom-made equipment.