National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (NESR)

National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (“NESR”) is our technical partner for drilling rigs, drilling & evaluation services and production services.

NESR is a listed company on the NASDAQ stock exchange with a market capitalization of $1.06 Billion as of 18 March 2021. NESR is the largest oilfield services provider in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia (“MENA”) region with operations in 15 MENA countries.  NESR started out as a special purpose acquisition corporation (“SPAC”) designed to invest in the oilfield services space globally in May 2017. In November 2017, NESR announced the acquisition of the two most prominent oilfield services companies in the MENA region: Gulf Energy SAOC (GES) and National Petroleum Services (NPS). The formation of NESR as an operating entity was completed in June 2018, after the transactions were approved by Securities and Exchange Commission in United States and NESR shareholders respectively. NESR provides Drilling Rigs, Drilling & Evaluation Services, Production Services.


Drilling & Evaluation Services

Directional Drilling (MWD, LWD), Thru-Tubing  Intervention, Pressure Control, Fishing & Downhole Tools, Tubular Running, Well Testing, Wire Logging, Slickline, Drilling Fluids.

NESR’s experience in well production activities provides a competitive advantage for all related services with a reputation for operational excellence that has helped customers to unlock the full potential of their reservoirs, utilizing state-of-the-art technology as well as experienced and motivated personnel.

Production Services

Coiled Tubing, Stimulation & Pumping, Cementing, Nitrogen Services, Filtration, Artificial Lift, Pipelines & Industrial Services, Water & Production Assurance.

NESR’s experience in well production activities provides a competitive advantage for all related services with a reputation for operational excellence that has helped customers to unlock the full potential of their reservoirs, utilizing state-of-the-art technology as well as experienced and motivated personnel.

CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd (CIMC Raffles)

CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd (CIMC Raffles) is a subsidiary under CIMC group. Possessing 4 engineering research centers in Sweden, Norway, Shanghai and Yantai, as well as 3 construction bases in Yantai, Haiyang and Longkou, CIMC Raffles has the capability to provide the complete EPC solution for offshore construction needs. CIMC Raffles’ main products include drilling rigs, production platforms, offshore construction vessels, offshore support vessels, offshore fish ranch, offshore windmill installation vessels, yachts and cruise ships, offshore entertainment centers and other offshore facilities design, newbuilds, repairs and conversions. CIMC Raffles at the same time provides operation and chartering services, providing clients with a complete turnkey solution.

Currently, CIMC Raffles has delivered 9 deepwater semi-submersible drilling rigs, consisting of 80% of the market share in China. CIMC offshore engineering center together with CIMC Shanghai engineering center, Sweden-based Bassoe Technology and Norway-based Brevik Engineering forms a mutually reinforcing network of creative engineering research consisting of 1000 people. In the areas of semi-submersibles, FPSOs, and other vessels, CIMC Raffles possess rich experience in concept design, basic and detailed design. Through years of hard work, CIMC Raffles utilizing information technology to drive industry has managed to establish the capability to manage a worldwide supply chain, achieving intelligent management of the complete cycle from design to production. In February 2017, CIMC Raffles delivered the world’s most advanced deep water, dual hoist semi-submersible drilling rig, “Bluewhale 1”. 

CIMC Raffles steadfastly positions the client in the center of her development, continuously developing the offshore production chain, working towards being a complete solution provider for the offshore industry. Valiant successfully negotiated and reached an agreement with CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited for the purchase a brand new Jackup Drilling Unit the CIMC VALIANT LEADER.  The CIMC VALIANT LEADER is a new build rig of the H1293 Friede and Goldman Super M2 Design 300ft Self-Elevating Drilling Unit currently located in Yantai, CHINA

Worldwide Technical Services Limited (WTS Ltd.).

With 20 years in the field, WTS teams have developed top-notch expertise in Operating and Maintaining Assets in remote locations.

  • WTS Energy is a leading consultancy/manpower supply company to the energy industry. They have also carved a  niche in the area of asset management through comprehensive operation, maintenance of a wide range of  FPSO assets.
  • WTS Energy operates, maintains, and supports the entire life cycle of your assets according to the project objectives.  This is achieved by leveraging on international expertise as well as local resources by providing onsite equipment,  operational and preventive maintenance, maintenance supervision, inspection, technical support, on/off-site logistics, procurement of spare parts and consumables,  inventory, and stock control management.
  • WTS Energy also deploys a project management methodology that is fully compliant with local and international standards. The objective of this is to offer clients with state of the art solutions for local content-driven operations in a cost-efficient manner by providing a  robust Operations continuity and  Q-HSE program. This allows our clients to focus on its core competencies and key business expansion goals.
  • From providing Well Services in Onshore Brownfields to maintaining and repairing Onshore Solar Parks. Carrying out  Cable Jointing in Offshore Wind Parks. Running Completion or Hot Oil Pumping jobs and operating Hydraulic Workover  Units.

FPSO Management

Operation and Management of FPSOs.


Dietswell specializes  in the design of all major aspects of the Oil production processes related to both ONSHORE and OFFSHORE Engineering.

  • Well Engineering – The Oil & Gas E&P competencies encompass all aspects of the Well ranging from design, well engineering to production and well-servicing interface. 
  • Technical Expertise – The provision of Technical Assistance Services to the Oil & Gas industry. Be it in the form of individual expertise or a multi-disciplinary team of engineering specialists, the SHE-VAL Dietswell Partnership is able to provide experienced professionals to clients for any Onshore & Offshore project, irrespective of the complexity. 
  • Personnel/Workforce Solutions – Through this level of service and expertise the partnership is able to offer the most resourceful, reliable, cost-effective, and proven contract workforce solutions in the industries in the West African market. 
  • Dietswell has a strong track record with rig reactivations and has through their subsidiary Factoring carried out numerous rig inspections, surveys, and re-classifications for international drilling contractors and IOCs.

Well Engineering & Technical Expertise

Well design engineering capacity and Rig preventive maintenance services.