Our Strategy

Valiant Offshore oil platform worker
Valiant Offshore Deepwater oil rig

VALIANT backs global oil and gas production by providing high-efficiency drilling services. We aim to exceed customer expectations and continually set the standard of excellence as we assist our customers in their worldwide efforts to discover and produce offshore petroleum resources. We build our service around our highly skilled and committed workforce of on- and offshore professionals, our state-of-the-art drilling rigs and broad based experience in more than 20 countries including the North Sea, Brazil, Africa and Middle East. We work with all our customers through a service delivery approach by means of which we customise safe and efficient drilling services. We have constructed our service around our highly skilled and committed workforce, our state-of-the-art offshore drilling rigs and years of experience of operating in challenging environments. We are intent upon supporting our customers’ well planning and oil exploration efforts and to helping our customers make optimal use of our knowledge surrounding equipment, planning and drilling.


This combination of first-hand industry knowledge, technical expertise and quality assets permit VALIANT to provide multinational integrated energy companies, national oil companies and independent operators with the services of a wholly-owned Nigerian company that is set to establish, develop and maintain a position as a preferred provider of offshore drilling services for its customers in Nigeria, and West Africa.